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The Top 50 Real Estate Agent Blogs

Whether a first time home buyer or investor with decades of experience, everyone likes to look before they leap. But with realtors interested in dealing exclusively with those actively buying or selling, it can be hard to pin one down. No problem if you have an internet connection and a few minutes.

Below we have gathered the top 50 real estate agent blogs by individuals, groups, investors, and other experts packed with loads of breaking news and advice for those looking to get the most out of their housing dollar. You can also use them to help sell a home yourself, learn what to stay away from, the future of the market, and much more.

The Top Professional Real Estate Agent Blogs

These professionals focus on a wide variety of real estate topics.

  1. For Sale by Owner : This site is where owners come to sell their own home. The blog is full of tips for both realtors and home sellers alike to get pertinent information. They also have useful links on how to price your home, market forecasts, and much more.
  2. The Real Estate Bloggers : Tom Royce started this blog in 2005 when real estate was at its peak and has followed the industry from the highest heights to the deepest lows. Visit to get analysis of real estate for both professionals, pundits, buyers and sellers, voyeurs, and those just curious. There are also tips and predictions on the market.
  3. Bigger Pockets : This online real estate magazine is also available as a blog. A team of bloggers discuss investing, networking, listings, and more. Popular articles include Bank of America and a real estate license for investors.
  4. Info Central : Visit here to get the official blog of the NAR. It provides resources and information of interest to the real estate community. It also features “This Month in Real Estate History.”
  5. Bloodhound Realty : This group of real estate agents is located in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition for tips on everything from investments to relocations, they also have a regularly updated blog. Be sure not to miss the “posts of enduring interest” with more.
  6. Square Feet : Commercial real estate is the focus of this blog. Categories include everything from construction to trends. Top entries include “A Guide to Office Building” and “Classifications.”
  7. Commercial Property Executive : Visit here to get another commercial real estate blog. They have sections on regions, property types, finance, and more. Be sure not to miss “From the Inside” with loads more.
  8. The Real Estate Tomato : If the above blogs aren’t enough for you, click here. With over 3,000 members and 700 blogs, there is something for everyone. You can also sign up to write your very own real estate blog.

The Top Real Estate Agent Columns

Get the latest news in real estate in these columns and blogs.

  1. WSJ : No one does business like “The Wall Street Journal” and real estate is not left out of the loop. They have a House of the Day feature that is a must see for realtors and shoppers alike. The latest news in residential, commercial, and all real estate are kept up to date and loads of videos are available on the subject.
  2. NY Times : The correspondents at “The New York Times” also report on timely real estate news. Homes in the area and across the globe are featured. One of the standout options is the regularly updated popular stories especially for real estate.
  3. DC Real Estate : Visit here to get the real estate blog from “The Washington Post.” Choose from tools and calculators, as well as various resources for buying or selling a home. There are also loads of other local resources.
  4. MSNBC : The latest in real estate news videos greets visitors on this homepage. You can also use their interactive tools to find out where housing is hot or not. There are also loads of articles to keep you updated and even a Business Sustainability series with more.
  5. Money & Company : This blog from the “L.A. Times” tracks market and economic trends that shape finance. In addition to autos, economy, and consumer, there is also a special blog for real estate. You can also use the site to learn more about local real estate.
  6. Real Estate Columnists : Choose from several different blogs on real estate from “The Chicago Tribune.” They take on topics from the national housing market to what it takes for a local real estate agent to make it. They also gather other related headlines on real estate in one place.
  7. Real Estate News : The folks at CNN/Money bring real estate news several times a day on this page. In addition to videos and galleries, they also have free calculators for real estate. They also come out with the popular “Best Places to Live” series.

The Top Market Real Estate Agent Blogs

These blogs focus on the ups and downs of the housing market.

  1. Housing Wire : Financial news for the mortgage market is featured several times a day here. Along with breaking news, they have individual voices, videos, and much more. Be sure not to miss the commentary with experts weighing in on every real estate subject imaginable.
  2. : Get investment real estate news and commentary on this blog. They also feature Macro News and a popular feed on Twitter. The latest entries are on the best links in real estate.
  3. 1-2-3 Flip : Want to learn more about house flipping? Then visit here to learn more from an actual flipper. Currently on their 18th house, they tell all.
  4. Life as Real Estate Investors : Julie and Dave make real estate investing look easy. Readers of the blog can share their adventures in mistakes, lessons, and resources. They also feature investing tips, marketing advice, property management, and more.
  5. Bubble Meter : This blog gained notoriety during the housing bubble and continues to be closely watched by many. National housing bubble coverage, with particular attention to the D.C. area, is featured regularly. A recent entry was on how the housing bubble is affecting African-Americans.
  6. Paper Economy : Similar to the above, this blog is dedicated to “tracking the decline of the greatest asset bubble in U.S. history.” Tools available include a home value calculator and inventory tracker. You can also get loads of items on the latest in real estate market news.
  7. Housing Bubble of Shame : This blog pays tribute to some of the more notable or public displays of bubble mania. They include lenders, investors, policy makers, realtors, flippers, and many others. In addition to this blog, Tyrone also has resources for other investments.
  8. Housing Kaboom : Golfer X is from California where he watches the real estate market explode. Must read entries include “A Lesson Prices” which shows where housing prices are going. He also blogs on recent sales in the area.
  9. Doctor Housing Bubble : Dr. Housing Bubble provides a candid account of what is going on in today’s housing market. They take a critical look at the policies that have created one of the largest asset bubbles ever known. Southern California is the market most focused on.

The Top Real Estate Agent Blogs by a Woman

These blogs are written by agents and other real estate enthusiasts.

  1. The Real Estate Wonk : Jamie Smith Hopkins is a “Baltimore Sun” reporter and writes about the regional economy. Her focus is on buying, selling, renting, and living in the Baltimore area. Recent posts are on price ranges, the long term, and housing related bills.
  2. Crib Chatter : Sabrina is not a realtor, banker, broker, or any real estate professional, but she still authors a popular blog. Devoted to the Chicago area and its real estate and housing market, she strives to provide the best information in the city. She often takes listings in the area and analyzes them.
  3. Prime Property : This blog is authored by Houston, TX real estate agent Nancy Sarnoff. Categories include everything from apartments to “Where Am I?” There is also a Friday retail wrap on restaurants and retailers that opened or signed new leases in the area.
  4. REThink Real Estate : Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a real estate broker, attorney, and accredited buyer’s representative. Her blog is intended as a tool for women to learn to use real estate as a tool for prosperity and lifestyle design. Sections include smart selling, smart buying, and others.
  5. Think Glink : Ilyce Glink and her Real Estate Matters blog appear in over 100 newspapers and sites, and you can find out why here. Its focus is to answer questions related to real estate, buying, selling, financing, refinancing, credit and debt, insurance, second homes, vacation homes, real estate investment, new construction, and renovation.
  6. Talk to CJ : CJ Brasiel specializes in residential real estate in the South Bay area. In addition to what she is currently featuring, she also discusses what realtors and owners can do to make the buying/selling process run more smoothly. There is also a section for those who are behind on their mortgage.

The Top Real Estate Agent Blogs by a Man

The men weigh in on real estate via their blogs below.

  1. Lasner on Real Estate : Jeff Lasner and Jeff Collins report on real estate for “The Orange County Register.” In addition to regularly updated posts, they also have podcasts on McMansions and other topics. Popular posts include California home sales and a Ferrari house.
  2. Housing Chronicles : Patrick Duffy is Principal at MetroIntelligence Real Estate Advisors, a division of Beacon Economics. He provides commentary and news on regional, national, and international real estate. In addition to his popular blog, he also links to many of his published articles.
  3. Housing Crash Continues : Patrick specializes in “what realtors won’t tell you.” The “What’s It Really Worth?” section features an interview with Nightline and Google and includes tips on how you can tell what a house is really worth. The latest entry is on why it is a terrible time to buy.
  4. Shaun’s Real Estate Adventures : He shares his adventures and experiences in real estate and investing on the blog. It is meant for people who want to get into this investment area but need some encouragement, help, or just a general push in the right direction. Also useful for those who live in North Carolina.
  5. Frankly Realty : When was the last time a realtor told you not to buy a home? This blogger specializes in just that. With the tagline, “Trust me, I’m a realtor,” this blog is worth a look.
  6. Matrix : Jonathan Miller is the co-founder of residential real estate appraisal firm Miller Samuel. He is also the author of a series of real estate market reports with an annualized distribution in both print and nternet downloads of more than one million copies. Check out his blog for reports, media appearances, or to read the latest entry.
  7. Real Estate Business : Jim Kimmons has 19 years of experience as a real estate agent and broker in three states and serves as a consultant to other real estate professionals on using technology. His blog focuses on helping realtors operate more effectively and serve clients. Must reads on the blog include “The Top Ten Investment Calculations” and “Working With the Web Second Home Buyer.”
  8. The Phoenix Real Estate Guy : Jay Thompson is the co-owner of Thompson’s Realty, an independent real estate brokerage in Phoenix. He writes about local real estate and current events, and often explores state, regional and national issues related to real estate. The Best Of section even has options for sellers, agents, and random musings.
  9. A Student of the Real Estate Game : Joe Stampone offers a forum for real estate education in his blog. He is currently attending the NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate and tells all about it. He seeks out events, articles, blogs, mentors, and students to help learn more about the arena.
  10. The Blog of Matt Rosen : He is the Director of Business Development for Pitbull Mortgage School. Matt is also a real estate investor with a niche in wholesaling and shares loads on the blog. There are also tips for social media and family values.
  11. Go Beyond MLS : Vlad Zablotskyy is a former real estate agent who was licensed in the state of New Jersey. His blog focuses on how to use internet marketing in real estate. How to optimize blogs, eBay, and more are all featured.
  12. Housing Doom : John M. doesn’t say much about himself but has tons to say on the housing market. This list of his relevant articles is extensive and new posts are plenty. Also interesting for a Canadian’s point of view.

The Top Specialty Real Estate Agent Blogs

A special area of real estate is the focus of these blogs.

  1. Bankrate Mortgage : Whether buying or selling, mortgage rates are an important part of real estate. Visit Bankrate’s blog to get the latest information on mortgages including rates, averages, and more. There are also tons of other personal finance resources.
  2. Loan Shak : “Everything to do with your shak” is featured on this blog. Different bloggers weigh in on mortgages, taxes, foreclosures, and much more. They also feature “shaktoids” with loads of fun facts about the market.
  3. Lovely Listing : Visit here for the I Can Has Cheeseburger of real estate blogs. Interesting and humorous pictures are featured, along with accompanying captions. There are also options for other areas of humor.
  4. Apartment Therapy : If a home is still a ways away, you can still use this blog to make your apartment its best. This community of bloggers offers everything from tips on renting to decorating ideas. Top posts include Christmas cards and delicious dining rooms.
  5. Home Insurance Savers : If you own a home, you have insurance worries. Stop by this site to get information on home insurance by state. Or you can type in your zip code to get quotes.
  6. Condo Domain : See how condos fit into the housing market in this real estate blog. There are tips for finance and mortgage, as well as closing and title. You can also use the blog to get resources for your area.
  7. Reverse Mortgage Guide : Learn more about a reverse mortgage before you try in this blog. It gives tips for lenders, an FAQ, and even the pro’s and con’s of a reverse mortgage. They also have useful top ten lists on items such as the benefits and common mistakes of a reverse mortgage.
  8. Baltimore Slumlord Watch : Get the ugly side of real estate in this blog. It serves as a way for city residents to discuss and share information on Baltimore’s many slumlords. Pictures of slums and who to contact about them are often the topic of posts.

Although the above top 50 real estate agent blogs are packed with useful advice, consult a real estate professional before making any permanent decisions. They know the location, market, and price points far better than a blogger from another area.