How to make money on restaurants: Belarusian startup attracted $500,000


KitchenHub has attracted $500,000 at the seed round. Business angels from Belarus, Russia, and Czech Republic invested in the restaurant project. The company is valued at $3 million. Let’s find out how KitchenHub managed that. 


KitchenHub provides online food sales for American restaurants through different delivery services. Such companies as Uber Eats, GrubHub, Doordash, and Postmates have integrated the startup. Overall the company has over a dozen of partners. It is focused on the market of ‘ghost kitchens’ and virtual restaurants. Kitchen Hub takes care of logistics so brands can expand their footprint into high demand geographies outside of their delivery areas quickly and relatively cheaply.

How it began  

The company was founded in 2019. Andrew Mazovka is one of the founders. 3 years ago he and other co-founders came up with an idea of an app for food ordering via phone — an analogue of e-board. 

However, very soon they realized the idea wasn’t viable: restaurants didn’t need such a service. It turned out that a there’s a more vital problem — taking orders from delivery systems.

Maxim Usachyov made the first web version which combined orders from 3 delivery services. In a year, KitchenHub became a full-fledged Android app with dozens of delivery services and analytics. 

How it works

When a person makes an order on a delivery service website, KitchenHub’s system receives it, processes, and redirects to the restaurant tablet. A manager gets the order and it immediately goes to the kitchen print: a cook sees the list of meals right away. 


CEO Andrew Mazovka claims that as soon as they switched onto virtual kitchens, they started to grow. In the last 6 months the number of clients was 200% up. This resulted from developing partnership with the companies that distribute virtual concepts with a franchise. They see a huge potential in the virtualization of restaurant business.

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