Business rules from Tony Hsieh: ‘When you are truly happy, you don’t fear to lose’


Tony heish

Tony Hsieh is the founder of Linkexchange — banner exchange chain. 2 years after the launch, Microsoft bought it for $265 million. Later Tony established Venture Frogs and became CEO of Zappos. Under his control, the company raised $1 billion. In 2010 he released a book ‘Delivering Happiness’ which became a bestseller. In 2020 he died from the injuries sustained during fire. Nevertheless, Tony bequeathed priceless wisdoms to businessmen all over the world. 


Tony realized two important things. First, the majority of businesses view their employees only as workers: they don’t see what potential their staff have, and how talented they are. Second, people themselves don’t realize their own talent. Hence, it’s necessary to put workers in such situations that they could discover their potential fully. 

Help employees to find a perfect overlap of their interests and talents with company improvements. People don’t want to go to work on Monday because they leave a part of themselves at home. So maybe employers should encourage their unconventional creative approach and open mind? 

Leadership is not dictatorship. It’s more about immersing people into the proper context so that they do what they love. The best leaders are those who lead by example and are both team follower and manager. 

Client service 

The attitude to serving customers should come from above. It’s essential to make it the priority for the whole company. 

Trust the members of support service and enhance their capacity. Clients’ questions should be addressed to the head as seldom as possible. 

Care about your staff comfort. Don’t either make them resell or use scripts. Don’t hesitate to block too troublesome clients if they insult your employees — it’s fine. 

Throughout many years the growth driver of Zappos were regular clients and their recommendations. The philosophy was to invest a big sum of money in serving clients instead of buying ads. 

Corporative culture

A person’s character determines their destiny. The destiny of organizations is determined by culture. Your values shape your personality. Likewise, company’s values eventually create its image. Culture is the best way to build a brand in a long run.

Personal growth 

It’s impossible to develop a business if you don’t develop yourself. Every morning Tony thought not only about how to improve Zappos, but also how to improve himself at least by 1%. 

Don’t lose the sense of improvement urgency. We never settle for ‘good enough’  because the best is the enemy of good. Don’t be afraid of changes: on the contrary, take them enthusiastically, encourage and stimulate.

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