5 steps to attract the first client


When you start your own business, you feel cool. It’s incredible how you get real income from an idea that was created in a garage. However, if you ask any business founder what clearly proves that your startup works they will say it’s the very first client. 

Though, it’s easier said than done. It may take much time and effort. The main thing you need to mind is your solutions have to meet your target customers’ problems. 

Let us elaborate on how to win the first client:

 1. Create the ideal customer profile (ICP). This is a brilliant concept to find out your target audience: its size, location, and what needs they have. After developing ICP, define 3 target customers that correspond to your ICP. Then identify a problem for each of the target customers. Decide which problem is the most relevant and prioritize it. 

 2. Work out the SWOT. Define what strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats your customers face. Try to look at your product from the client’s perspective. Then identify how your product can meet customers’ threats and weaknesses. This will help you reflect the real overview of your product.

 3. Identify influencers. Most of buyers make purchases only based on the opinion of a person they trust. Therefore, identify the industry your client is interested in, find people they find trustworthy, and make an outreach campaign to the promoters. 

 4. Define decision-makers. Any client decision is driven by some authority. Examine your customer’s organization chart and identify the leader who could draw attention to the problem your startup solves. Learn more about the decision-makers and seek to get closer to them. 

 5. Make a mapped list of goals. The target client will use your product if it helps achieve their goals. That is why your goals should correspond to customer’s ones. Now take everything you have learnt via execution and listing customer’s goals. Once you have it, make a list of your own goals. They have to match to the goals of your client. If so, you are on the right way. If they don’t, rewrite the first step as you are likely to have missed something crucial.


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